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Experience the Monetiscope advantage – a seamless integration that guarantees results. Our commitment to transparency, innovation, and top-notch support makes us the go-to platform for publishers looking to redefine their web monetization strategy. where your digital journey meets unparalleled revenue potential. Explore a world of innovative solutions designed to maximize your earnings while enhancing user engagement.



A formula for better website revenue

Responsive Ad

Bring fluidity to your ad placements with Responsive Ads. Seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring a visually appealing experience for users on any device.

Ad Refresh

Keep your content dynamic with Ad Refresh every 20 seconds. Maintain user engagement by presenting fresh and relevant ads at regular intervals.


Capture attention with Interstitial Ads. Full-screen placements that appear between content transitions, maximizing visibility and engagement.

Flying Carpet

Experience the magic of Flying Carpet Ads. These dynamically positioned ads gracefully move with users as they scroll, creating an interactive and captivating experience.

Top And Bottom Anchor

Ensure prime visibility with Top and Bottom Anchor Ads. Stay anchored to the user's view, maximizing impressions and enhancing overall ad performance.

Multiple sized ad format

Optimize your fill rate and boost revenue with Multiple Sized Ad Formats. Adapt to diverse content layouts, providing flexibility and maximizing ad placement opportunities.

Rewarded Ad for web

Enhance user engagement with Rewarded Ads for web. Implement them strategically on download buttons for free content like APKs, syllabi, results, etc., turning user interactions into rewarding experiences.

Bottom Sticky Ads

Persistent visibility. With responsive design, these ads dynamically adapt to any device, ensuring a seamless user experience. The auto-refresh feature prevents ad fatigue, presenting dynamic content at regular intervals.

We think beyond the banner

Our core business is about making you more money from every available banner impression, but we also have an array of other monetization solutions that bring our publishers incremental revenue. Products like Ad Block Recovery, content syndication, 360 Video, & Rich Media can add valuable revenue to your bottom line without the need to continually add more banners to your website.