How to Get AdX Approval and Why It's Essential for Publishers

How to Get AdX Approval and Why It’s Essential for Publishers

Google AdX, or Google Ad Exchange, is a premium ad network that offers higher revenue potential and greater control over ad inventory compared to AdSense. For publishers looking to maximize their earnings and have more control over their ad placements, getting AdX approval is a crucial step. This article will cover everything you need to know about AdX, including why you should get an AdX account, the differences between AdX and AdSense, and how to get approved for AdX. Additionally, we will discuss the requirements for getting an AdX managed account, how to connect with Google MCM partners or certified partners, and how Monetiscope can help you through this process.

Why Get an AdX Account?

Higher Revenue Potential

Google AdX operates as a real-time bidding (RTB) platform, allowing multiple advertisers to bid on your inventory. This competition among advertisers can significantly increase your ad revenue compared to AdSense.

Greater Control

AdX offers advanced controls over ad placements, allowing you to customize and optimize your inventory for maximum revenue. You can set floor prices, block specific advertisers, and choose the ad formats that best suit your audience.

Access to Premium Advertisers

AdX connects you with premium advertisers that are often unavailable through AdSense. This can lead to higher-quality ads on your site, improving user experience and engagement.

Detailed Reporting

AdX provides detailed reporting and analytics, helping you understand your ad performance better. This data can be used to make informed decisions and optimize your ad strategy.

Why Do Publishers Need Google AdX?

Enhanced Monetization

Publishers with significant traffic and high-quality content can benefit from AdX’s enhanced monetization capabilities. The platform’s RTB (Real Time Bidding) model ensures that your inventory is sold at the highest possible price.


AdX offers various ad formats, including display, video, and native ads. This flexibility allows publishers to experiment with different ad types and find the most effective ones for their audience.

Improved User Experience

By having more control over the ads displayed on your site, you can ensure that they are relevant and non-intrusive. This helps maintain a positive user experience, which is crucial for retaining your audience.

How Is Google AdX Better Than AdSense?

Why Get an AdX Account?

Key Differences Between AdX and AdSense

– Revenue Model: AdSense uses a cost-per-click (CPC) model, while AdX uses an RTB model, leading to potentially higher earnings.

– Control: AdX offers more advanced controls over ad placements and inventory management compared to AdSense.

– Advertiser Access: AdX provides access to premium advertisers, whereas AdSense typically features a broader range of advertisers, including many small businesses.

– Reporting: AdX offers more detailed reporting and analytics, enabling better optimization and decision-making.

– Approval Process: Getting approved for AdX is more stringent and requires meeting higher traffic and content quality standards than AdSense.

How to Get an AdX Account?

Requirements to Get AdX Managed Account Approval

1. High Traffic Volume

   – Your site should have a substantial amount of traffic. Although Google doesn’t specify an exact number, sites with over 5 million page views per month are typically considered.

2. Quality Content

   – Ensure your content is high-quality, original, and regularly updated. Avoid any content that violates Google’s policies, such as adult content, pirated material, or excessive ads.

3. Compliant Website

   – Your site must comply with Google’s ad policies and terms of service. This includes having a clear privacy policy, avoiding deceptive practices, and providing a good user experience.

4. Stable Traffic Sources

   – Traffic should come from reliable sources. Avoid traffic generated through paid sources or bots, as this can lead to disapproval.

How to Get AdX Approval from Monetiscope?

Monetiscope simplifies the process of getting AdX approval through their expertise and direct access to Google’s AdX platform. Here’s how they can assist you:

1. Evaluation and Audit

   – Monetiscope evaluates your website to ensure it meets Google’s stringent requirements. They perform a comprehensive audit to identify areas for improvement.

2. Optimization Recommendations

   – Based on the audit, Monetiscope provides actionable recommendations to enhance your site’s quality and traffic. This includes content optimization, improving user experience, and ensuring policy compliance.

3. Application Submission

   – Once your site is optimized, Monetiscope submits your application to Google AdX on your behalf, leveraging their direct connections to expedite the approval process.

4. Continuous Support

   – Monetiscope offers ongoing support to ensure your site remains compliant and continues to meet AdX standards.

How Monetiscope Support Team Helps in Revenue Optimization?

1. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

   – Monetiscope provides detailed insights into your ad performance, helping you make informed decisions to maximize revenue.

2. Ad Placement Optimization

   – They analyze your ad placements and suggest changes to increase viewability and click-through rates.

3. Floor Price Management

   – Monetiscope helps you set optimal floor prices to ensure you get the highest possible bids for your inventory.

4. Policy Compliance

   – The team ensures that your site complies with Google’s policies, preventing any issues that could affect your ad revenue.

5. Technical Support

   – Monetiscope offers technical assistance for implementing ad tags, troubleshooting issues, and integrating with other ad platforms.

How to Connect with Google MCM Partner or Google Certified Partners

1. Research and Identify Partners

   – Look for Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) partners or certified partners who can help you get AdX approval. These partners have direct access to Google and can streamline the approval process.

2. Reach Out

   – Contact the identified partners and inquire about their services. Explain your site’s traffic, content quality, and why you believe you qualify for AdX.

3. Submit Application Through Partner

   – If the partner agrees to assist, they will submit your application to Google on your behalf. This can increase your chances of approval due to the partner’s established relationship with Google.

4. Follow Guidelines

   – Adhere to the guidelines and recommendations provided by the partner. They will help ensure your site meets all the necessary requirements for approval.

Manage Inventory vs. Managed Account

Managed Inventory

– Definition: Managed inventory refers to the ad spaces on your site that are managed by another entity, such as a network or partner. This entity controls the inventory, optimizes it, and sells it to advertisers.

– Benefits: This approach can save time and resources, as the managing entity handles the optimization and sales process. However, it offers less control over the ads displayed on your site.

Managed Account

– Definition: A managed account involves having a direct relationship with Google AdX through a certified partner. You retain control over your inventory, but the partner assists with setup, optimization, and compliance.

– Benefits: This offers the best of both worlds—access to AdX’s premium features and advertisers, combined with expert assistance from the partner.

Payment Cycles

Managed Account

– Payment Process: Payments are directly transferred by Google to the child’s AdSense account.

– Control: Publishers have direct control over their ad inventory and earnings.

Managed Inventory

– Payment Process: Payments are transferred by the parent publisher to the child publisher.

– Control: The parent publisher has access to and control over the inventory, providing it to the child publisher as needed.


Getting AdX approval can significantly enhance your site’s monetization potential, providing access to premium advertisers and advanced controls over ad placements. By understanding the requirements and working with Google-certified partners, you can streamline the approval process and start reaping the benefits of Google AdX. Whether you choose managed inventory or a managed account, partnering with the right entity can help you maximize your ad revenue and improve your site’s overall performance. Monetiscope stands out as a reliable partner in this journey, offering comprehensive support and expertise to help you achieve your monetization goals.


1. What is Google AdX?

Google AdX is a premium ad exchange platform that uses real-time bidding to connect publishers with high-quality advertisers.

2. Why should I get an AdX account?

An AdX account offers higher revenue potential, greater control over ad placements, and access to premium advertisers.

3. How is AdX different from AdSense?

AdX uses an RTB model for higher earnings, offers more control, and connects with premium advertisers, whereas AdSense uses a CPC model and has broader advertiser access.

4. What are the requirements for AdX approval?

High traffic volume, quality content, a compliant website, and stable traffic sources are essential for AdX approval.

5. How can I connect with Google MCM partners?

Research and contact Google-certified partners who can assist with the AdX approval process.

6. What is the difference between managed inventory and managed account?

Managed inventory is controlled by another entity, while a managed account gives you direct control with assistance from a certified partner.

7. What are the payment cycles for AdX?

For managed accounts, payments are transferred directly by Google, while for managed inventory, payments are transferred by the parent publisher.

8. Can small publishers get AdX approval?

Typically, AdX is suited for publishers with high traffic. Small publishers may find it challenging to meet the requirements.

9. How does AdX improve ad performance?

AdX’s RTB model ensures that your ad inventory is sold at the highest possible price, optimizing ad performance.

10. What are the benefits of partnering with Google-certified partners?

Certified partners provide expertise, streamline the approval process, and help optimize your ad strategy for maximum revenue.

11. How does Monetiscope assist in getting AdX approval?

Monetiscope evaluates your site, offers optimization recommendations, submits your application to Google, and provides continuous support.

12. How does Monetiscope optimize revenue?

Monetiscope offers advanced reporting, ad placement optimization, floor price management, policy compliance, and technical support to maximize your revenue.

13. What is the advantage of using Monetiscope’s services?

Monetiscope provides expert guidance and support throughout the AdX approval process, ensuring your site meets all requirements and optimizes revenue.

14. How can I ensure my site complies with Google policies?

Regularly update your content, avoid violating Google’s ad policies, and work with experts like Monetiscope for continuous compliance.

15. Why is high-quality content important for AdX approval?

High-quality content attracts more traffic and ensures compliance with Google’s standards, increasing your chances of AdX approval.